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A full-service estate liquidation company with an emphasis on real property. At life's most challenging and sensitive times, we treat you and your family as we would our own. Concierge level service allows you to focus attention on family members, loved ones and the human side of your own healing and closure. Our pre-negotiated rates with carefully screened, specialty service providers deliver solid value.

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Estate Liquidation

A full-service estate liquidation company with an emphasis on real property. Finding the right solution for your Estate Services or transaction can be confusing and overwhelming. It's important for you to know that facts about Assets or Mortgages, Assisted Living, Relocation and your Legal responsibilities to your loved ones. Making sure that you are comfortable with the process and that you get the best possible results is our JOB! Read the "Articles" on this site to learn more. Make sure you click on "Legal Services" and take the first step in placing your loved one in an environment where they are happy and comfortable.

Estate Property Sales

We understand the difficulties associated with the disposition of personal property.
It is typically a highly emotional process for family and loved ones.
We assist the Executor, Trustee(s) and/or legally authorized individual(s) to:

Our associates understand each estate settlement is unique. We take great pride in treating survivors, heirs and family friends with dignified respect. We expertly promote and conduct estate sales. To maximize financial return to the estate we can arrange consignment of unique personal property items to specialty market outlets. We happily list worthy items for sale on E-Bay, Craigslist and niche' on-line outlets. With direction from the authorized estate representative we will remove any/all non-saleable items. Serviceable items will be donated to charities of your choice. Non-serviceable items will be disposed of properly. The property will be professionally cleaned and prepared for occupancy or sale.

California Assisted Living

We specialize in helping you get through this sometimes difficult and stressful time. When trying to place a loved one, the challenge can be very overwhelming. We will coordinate with doctors, to assist with optimum care. Review your loved one's insurance coverage and budget. Escort you and your loved one with tours, that match both your needs and budget. Arrange for complimentary dining and resident interviews. Coordinate with SES for personel property transfer. Provide follow up visits during orientation and adjustment. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

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